Control your thermostat from your phone

October 15, 2020

Today’s thermostats look a lot different than the ones you grew up with. Now you don’t have to rely on manually scheduling temperature changes on your thermostat. Instead, you can control your thermostat directly from your phone.

No more walking into a chilly hallway if you decide to come home early from out of town. Just open an app and change the temperature. Your home will be just as warm when you get home as it was when you left. This is what smart home automation is all about.

Here are some other things we love about this option:

    • If you have other smart home systems, Nexia or Trane thermostats (the brands we recommend) connect with them seamlessly to help you manage not only the temperature, but lights, blinds, locks, and other features in your home. It’s also compatible with Google Assistant.
    • The Trane system keeps track of diagnostics and can automatically alert us if something isn’t right. This can save our customers time and headaches by calling our attention, and theirs, to a problem before a shutdown or other major issues occurs.
    • If a Trane thermostat is paired with other Trane products, your technician will have access to a more extensive history, allowing them to more accurately diagnose any issues that pop up.

We’d love to help you bring your thermostat game into the 21st century! Call or text us at

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