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Is It Better To Use Space Heaters or HVAC?

Is it more efficient to heat your house with space heaters or with an HVAC system? It depends how much of your house…
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The Whys and Hows of Planned HVAC Maintenance

We’ve all been there: a surprise heating or cooling system breakdown that leaves you either shivering in the dead of winter or sweltering…
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Can your HVAC air filtration system get rid of COVID-19?

  If you’re trying to make the air in your home or retail store healthier by capturing virus particles, it makes sense that…
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When do I need to replace my HVAC system? Watch for these 5 red flags.

If you have an older heating system, then you may know how it feels as you approach the coldest months of the year,…
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Protect your indoor air quality with these alternatives to candles

Glow salt lamp, dark vintage wooden background, selective focus It’s winter, the best time of year to curl up…
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How to shop for your first HVAC system

If you own your first home (or if you’ve owned a string of homes for shorter periods of time) one thing you may…
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Should I get a second opinion before I buy a new HVAC unit?

Should I get a second opinion before I buy a new HVAC unit? In a word: YES. At Capital Heating and Cooling, we…
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Indoor Air Quality: What You Need To Know

Indoor Air Quality: What You Need To Know What do you need to know about indoor air quality to keep your family safe…
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Control your thermostat from your phone

Today’s thermostats look a lot different than the ones you grew up with. Now you don’t have to rely on manually scheduling temperature…
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Filtering Your Indoor Air During Fire Season

Forest Fire at Night.Wildfire burning forest trees in the mountain.Wildfire caused by humans. Filtering Your Indoor Air During Fire…
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