3 Reasons Why You Should Install A Whole-House Surge Protector

September 6, 2023

Modern homes are full of sensitive electronic equipment, like the computers and personal devices so many of us depend on for work, communication, and entertainment.

But there are many other pieces of equipment that depend on electronics to function properly (or to function at all): washer and dryer sets, dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, and — you guessed it — your HVAC system.

The bottom line: one big power surge (or a series of smaller ones) could put a lot of equipment in your home at risk, which is why you should consider installing a whole-house surge protector.

You may have various devices and appliances plugged into surge protector power strips. That’s a good step. But power strips can’t protect everything. In fact, they only provide basic protection for sensitive electronics. A major power surge could still lead to some big bills to repair and replace the appliances and systems you depend on

Here are the three top reasons we suggest whole-house surge protection: 

Household appliances are getting more sophisticated — and more expensive

Many modern appliances use advanced technology. They’re designed to tolerate heavy use but if lightning, a downed power line, or extreme weather causes a major power surge, they can still be heavily damaged.

A whole-house surge protection device is designed to react instantaneously, diverting extra energy into a ground wire, to protect your electrical system and the electronics inside your home. Which also protects your bank account.

Your comfort and safety depend on working systems

If a power surge takes out your heating or cooling system, you may need to wait to have it repaired or replaced. 

Especially after an extreme weather event, such as a heat wave or ice storm, local HVAC technicians may not be able to service your home immediately, meaning that you could be without heating or cooling for days on end — or longer. Protecting your equipment is one way to help ensure that you and your family stay comfortable and safe.

Energy disruptions may become more common

As the weather gets increasingly unpredictable, electricity may become less reliable. Some states have implemented intentional rolling blackouts or brownouts to keep the energy grid from crashing. And, of course, sudden electrical failures can leave your neighborhood in the dark for an undetermined amount of time. 

A whole-house surge protector can ease that burden by helping ensure that when the power comes back on, your equipment will be in working order.

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