Few things are more unpleasant than being greeted with a chilly shower. When your water heater breaks down, you’ll need to contact a dependable plumber. We’ve been offering timely and effective repair services to consumers for more than 80 years. When your water heater fails unexpectedly, you can count on us to perform prompt service and restore your hot water. 

Why Do You Need to Repair Your Water Heater?

We have vast experience dealing with a wide range of water heater problems. When you require a repair, we’ll examine the situation to determine the source of the problem and offer a reliable remedy. 

The following are some of the most common reasons for water heater repair that we see:

  • Problems with the thermostat. If your thermostat fails, you may experience a loss of hot water on a regular basis.
  • Problems with electrical components. You could be left without any hot water if your unit’s connections or sensors fail.
  • Problems with thermocouples If your pilot isn’t lighted or your gas control valve isn’t operating, you’ll need to get it repaired by a professional.
  • Damage to the body. We get calls for a variety of causes, including cracks, dents, and leaks. These issues will become worse if they are not addressed.

Water Heater Repair Warning Signs

It’s critical to learn how to spot the indicators that your water heater needs to be repaired so you can call a professional before the problem worsens. If you have the following problems, you should set up a repair service:

  • Irregular water temperatures
  • Water that is discolored
  • Too much hot water is being used up too quickly.
  • The tank is making some strange noises.
  • Corrosion indicators
  • Water that is leaking

Allow us to be your first call if your water heater is acting up. One of our specialists will respond immediately to your demands and provide repairs that are both reliable and effective. To schedule a water heater repair call right now 360-491-7450

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