Fall is the Time for Gas Fireplace Maintenance

September 1, 2020
White Fireplace in bright empty living room interior of house.

Thinking about cozy winter evenings yet? We are. But you won’t be able to enjoy that slice of cake and cup of tea by the fire quite as much if your fireplace glass is foggy and the flames are hardly visible. To make sure that doesn’t happen this winter, put gas fireplace maintenance on your fall to-do list.

How do you know if your gas fireplace needs maintenance?

Our fireplace technician, Scott, says if your unit hasn’t been serviced in a few years you should keep an eye out for cloudy glass or for flames that look faint or too blue. These are indicators that your fireplace may need a tune-up. Your fireplace owner’s manual may also indicate how often service is needed.

What happens when we service your gas fireplace?

It might surprise you to hear that service for gas fireplaces is pretty extensive. The entire process takes at least an hour and half—longer if there are any unforeseen issues or unusual parts that need to be ordered.

Here’s what we do:

Clean the glass. Your technician will take off the glass front of your fireplace to clean it, inside and out.

Bust the dust. Once inside the unit, your technician will vacuum the entire interior and clean the burners to clear it of dust and other debris. Too much dust will affect how cleanly the gas burns.

Remove the logs. Your technician will also remove the logs and vacuum underneath them. Less debris equals better function!

Clean the thermocouple. The thermocouple senses heat in the unit so the pilot light stays on. Your technician will clean it out to make sure your gas fireplace runs reliably.

Keep the colors bright. In some gas fireplace units, vermiculite gives the flames a cheerful, warm color and helps the gas spread out more evenly along the burner. If yours is running low, it could make the flames faint or blue. Your technician will add some if your unit needs more.

Check the pressure. Your technician will check the incoming gas pressure and make sure the gas valve is adjusted correctly so the unit operates properly.

Reassemble. Once they’re done, the technician will put your entire unit back together. Because it’s a time-consuming job, we’ve made an investment in extra repair parts for gas fireplaces. Our goal at Capital Heating and Cooling is to have as many parts on hand as possible when we service your gas fireplace to avoid the need to return.

Can I upgrade my existing gas fireplace?

If your unit didn’t come with a remote, we may be able to retrofit your gas fireplace to give you the ability to turn it on or off and adjust the flame size and temperature without getting up from your chair.

We may also be able to add a fan to help distribute the warm air from your gas fireplace into the rest of the room. We’re all about making you comfortable!

Ready to get your gas fireplace ready for winter? We’d love to help! Call or text us at 360-491-7450 to schedule.

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