What’s Variable Speed Technology?

December 1, 2022

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Does your HVAC system turn off or on all at once? Or does it adjust itself many times in the space of an hour? Do you experience cold spells between the times when it kicks on? Or does your home feel like it’s a pretty consistent temperature? The answer will have to do with whether or not you have a variable speed technology (VST) system.

Variable Speed: The New Industry Standard

A variable speed system is one that continually adjusts itself based on the temperature in your home and outside temperature in order to maintain within one degree of the temperature you set on your thermostat. 

Up until now, conventional systems have been either single speed (the system basically has a big on-off switch that turns on and off completely with each cycle) or two-speed (the system operates at a low or a high speed).

Variable speed systems save energy by keeping your home at a constant temperature and by running continually. Because they save energy and money, single speed and multiple speed systems are being phased out. VST systems will soon be the industry standard.

The Magic is in the Motor

These systems are also more energy efficient because they have a super-efficient motor. 

The motor technology in variable speed technology systems is completely different from motors of the past. Because they can adjust down to micro-levels of speed, it can run more slowly. 

Even though the motors in the system  may run continually, it has an overall energy output that’s far lower than a conventional system.

What makes Variable Speed Technology better?

VST systems are 15% to 25% more energy efficient than a conventional system because they run on a fraction of the energy. 

These systems also last longer. Since the system is in constant motion, it’s easier on the equipment. That leads to fewer maintenance costs and a longer life overall.

VST systems save energy by ramping up and down slowly, adjusting the temperature from moment to moment using approximately 700-800 speed settings, as with the units manufactured by Trane that we install. Side note: Trane was the first to introduce variable speed technology back in the ‘90s!

These systems also dehumidify more effectively than other systems, keeping your space even more regulated and comfortable. And they’re quieter.

Overall, a variable speed system is the way to go if you want to save on monthly bills and use less energy. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more!

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