What custom sheet metal projects can we make for you?

October 15, 2021

Lance Talley, the shop foreman in Capital Heating & Cooling’s sheet metal shop, has been in the sheet metal business for 40 years. For more than a decade of his career, he’s been part of our team, making custom ductwork and other sheet metal projects.

We started as a custom sheet metal shop then started building ductwork. That led us to our current work as an HVAC contractor. Today, we still have a full sheet metal shop for constructing ductwork for residential and commercial applications. But we do a lot of other projects, too. You might be surprised when you find out what we can do. 

We make custom chimney caps, to keep the rain out of your fireplace. We make custom latches. We’ve even made precisely angled decorative pyramids and lined entire rooms with mirrored triangles. 

We often work in commercial kitchens. We can make stainless shelves, countertops with food-grade connections to eliminate crevices, dishwasher exhaust hoods—the list goes on. One of our most popular projects is to fabricate custom range hoods.

One of our longtime restaurant customers, a pizza joint, asked us to line their new to-go window with aluminum. (It looks awesome and cleans up nice, too!) 

And a large box store hired us to install shelving, tabletops, work counters, and to do some on-site welding. During his career, Lance has done a lot of food-centered sheet metal work, which makes him a fantastic resource for anyone with a kitchen-related project. (That includes residential kitchens—we’ve done some beautiful work in homes!)

We’re proud of our shop! It’s typically staffed by Lance, Ian, Ron, Sarge, an apprentice —and a couple more people when it gets extra busy. 

It’s outfitted with a bunch of equipment: two hydraulic press breaks, a shear, a CNC burn table, and all kinds of roll-forming machines for building ductwork. We also have a full complement of welding machines (we can weld anything), and all the saws we need to cut structural steel. We can also go out in the field to weld and install (like we do for our kitchen work). In other words…

If it’s made of metal, we can fix or fabricate it!

So, if you have:

  • A metal part that needs to be fixed or replaced,
  • Anything that needs to be welded, or
  • A big dream about a metal something-or-other you’d like us to build…

Give us a shout! We have the equipment and the know-how to get it done.

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