This is HVAC Jeopardy!

March 4, 2022

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Test your knowledge: How much do you know about the origins of our modern heating and cooling systems? 

Boost your knowledge of HVAC trivia by learning these 8 must-know facts about indoor heating and cooling:


Answer: This country is the earliest civilization known to use passive cooling techniques to keep indoor spaces cool.

Question: What is Egypt?


Answer: This English scientist’s 1820 discovery that liquefied ammonia could cool the air initiated the invention of our modern air conditioning systems.

Question: Who is Michael Faraday?


Answer: These public entertainment spaces were the first to use air conditioning systems.

Question: What are movie theaters?


Answer: This inventor is credited with building the first modern air conditioning unit.

Question: Who is Willis Carrier?


Answer: In this year, the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing & Publishing Company was the first company to have a modern air conditioning unit installed.

Question: What is 1902?


Answer: During the 1930 reconstruction of the West Wing, the Carrier Engineering Company installed a central air conditioning system in the White House following this historic event.

Question: What is the 1929 Christmas Eve fire?


Answer: This Scottish doctor, chemist, and ventilating engineer designed ventilating systems for the House of Commons and St. George’s Hall in Liverpool in the mid-1800s.

Question: Who is David Boswell Reid?


Answer: This was the first institution to offer HVAC training, starting in 1899.

Question: What is Coyne College?

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