The CHAC Training Center: Real-world HVAC service practice under our own roof

July 15, 2020

During the most intense phase of the pandemic lockdown, when we were only able to offer emergency services, our technicians were busy on some installations behind the scenes, in our very own warehouse. They’ve now installed full HVAC systems on site where they and future employees can practice and demonstrate their skills.

They do this through an online academy for the HVAC industry. a combination of online and real-world learning for the HVAC trade. Technicians engaging in the program complete online modules for different products and then demonstrate proficiency in our training center before moving on to the next module. It’s great for helping our younger technicians get experience with systems they haven’t encountered in the field and for helping our experienced technicians brush up on their skills.

Now, you can be sure that when our technicians practice repairing systems that are new to them—or new to the market—they won’t be doing so for the first time in your home.

This new training center not only provides our customers with better service, it will help us continue to recruit the very best HVAC technicians in the region.

The training center has just about every combination of HVAC system you can imagine:

We’re proud of the work our technicians do every day to keep your systems running smoothly and the ways they’re now engaging with this program to get their skills in shape!

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