Thanks, 2019! And Hello, 2020!

January 16, 2020

Happy 2020!

We’re proud of what we did in 2019 and are excited for the connections we see between what we accomplished last year and the ways we can build on it for the future.

In 2019, we grew:

  • We hired more customer service representatives. Yes! Having more people to answer the phones will help up meet our goal of making our customer experience easier and more convenient.
  • We brought in three experienced technicians. Grady has been in the industry for 13 years and just moved to the area from Denver last year. Brandon has been in the South Sound for 18 years and tells us his favorite part of the job is making customers happy. (Hired!). Dale is also and industry veteran, with more than 20 years of experience and has a knack for customer communication.    We’re excited that they’re here to provide our customers with expertise-driven service.
  • It was a big year for commercial projects. We feel lucky to work with North Thurston High School, Jubilee Lodge, Views on Fifth, and the Gateway Apartments, among others. Making the occupants of schools and residential facilities happy and comfortable is a special kind of work and we feel grateful to be able to help out in our very own community.

In 2019 we also added some new things and expanded the kinds of products we install.

  • We acquired a new piece of equipment we affectionately call our “automated insulation distributor.” It’s our latest, greatest investment to help our crews blow insulation into crawl spaces and attics. We used to rent this machine but now we have a shiny new model that’s all our own.
  • We sold a lot more variable speed systems. Customers have really been attracted to these systems, which constantly adjust to keep your space feeling the same all the time. We expect the trend to continue and are ready to deliver!


What does this mean for CHAC this year? We’re calling 2020 The Year of Customer Relationships:

  • We’re investing in intense coaching and training for our service techs and customer service reps. We want our employees to be as well-versed as possible and develop more skills to deliver even better service, on the phone and during service calls.
  • We’re leveraging technology to make the customer experience more convenient. Allowing our customers to manage service calls from their smart phones is the next horizon for us. Currently, customers can text their technicians and receive message just ahead of a home visit so they’re not sitting home for hours, waiting for us to arrive.

We hope your year is off to as productive and hopeful a start as ours! We can’t wait to make your space more efficient and comfortable in 2020.

Photo by : One Beautiful Life.

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