Receive a rebate of $50 on your HVAC System Clean and Check now through 06/30/18.

Outdoor allergies or not, practicing regular HVAC maintenance in your home can significantly improve your seasonal allergies. Ask us about our Clean & Check services $50 rebate today!

The value of preventative maintenance and the return on investment by having your system clean and checked is important to everyone.  In the event you have 2 systems being cleaned and checked, you must submit 2 separate completed rebate forms. Mail your completed rebate form(s) to us and we will send you a check in the mail. It’s that simple!
Note: There is a maximum of 2 clean and check rebates per residence per season. Each submitted form must be complete in its entirety. Incomplete rebate forms will not be processed. Each piece of equipment has a value of $50. The maximum rebate value is $100 per residence, per season. The rebate form by itself has no monetary value. The rebate value will only be paid if the form is complete.