Should I get a second opinion before I buy a new HVAC unit?

November 16, 2020

Should I get a second opinion before I buy a new HVAC unit?

In a word: YES. At Capital Heating and Cooling, we think it’s a great idea to get a second opinion before you buy a new HVAC unit.

But our customers have told us that some companies have pressured them to make a decision immediately, using language like, “This price is only good for today.” Or “I’m not sure I can guarantee that price for very long.” Or “we have a special deal only on a limited quantity of equipment.”

Hogwash! If someone is discouraging you from getting a second opinion or pressuring you to decide quickly, that’s a red flag.

A legitimate contractor will give you time to think about your purchase. They’ll honor the price they quote you for at least a month. Often longer. The expiration date on the quote should leave you with enough time to do your own research and make a decision. Period.

Why is it important to explore your HVAC options?

Because it’s a major purchase. As with anything, it’s important to make sure you’ve explored the options and feel good about your decision.

After all, it’s a decision you make only once every 20 years. In the business, we say there are three major decisions you’ll make in your life: Choosing a house, choosing a spouse, and choosing a furnace!

Getting a second opinion doesn’t mean you don’t trust your contractor anymore. It means you’re gathering information and getting another perspective so you don’t end up purchasing lower-performing equipment at a premium or buying a system that’s more or less sophisticated than what you need.

What can happen if you decide on an HVAC system too quickly?

You can end up paying a lot more than you need to. And the equipment you buy may not be rated as highly—that is, you can end up getting less than what you paid for.

What will a good HVAC salesperson do for you?

A good HVAC salesperson will educate you about every option available and maximize the value of the product you’re buying for the least amount of money.

They should be actively looking for ways to save you money, like informing you about rebates. They should also be laying out options that help you save money in the long term—because the least expensive system upfront may not be the least expensive in the end.

And they’ll give you a detailed proposal with the brand and model clearly listed.

A good litmus test: You should feel like your HVAC salesperson wants to help you, like they’re your advocate! If you feel pressured or just aren’t getting much solid information, shop around.

We’re happy to give you a first, second, or third opinion! If you need to replace your HVAC system, get in touch. We’d be happy to set up a consultation.

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