Replaced 18 heating & air conditioning units with just 2!

August 15, 2019

Until recently, it took 18 furnace and air conditioning systems to heat and cool the The Jubilee Community Lodge in Lacey.

The 26,000-square-foot resort club is the social and wellness hub for a 55+ community that houses game rooms, pools, a library, a fitness center, sports courts, and many other spaces. It’s where people bond over a game of bocce ball or billiards, host big parties in the ballroom, or meet up with friends in the lounge.

We’re so pleased to be able to help Jubilee upgrade this important community gathering space with just two Variable Air Volume systems. The type of units we’re installing will not only save them money in the long run but will keep the temperature in the lodge more consistent so residents can enjoy the space without experiencing bursts of cold or heat.

How can just two heating and air conditioning systems get the job done?

First, these systems are designed for commercial spaces. The previous units were designed for residential use, so they just weren’t completely up to the task.

The new ones are big enough to control the temperature in the entire facility – and flexible enough to heat and cool every space, from the vaulted swimming area to the cozy game room.

These VAV systems will allow the building managers at Jubilee to control the temperature more precisely. They also create less fan noise and continually dehumidify the air, a key component of making indoor spaces comfortable.

Because these systems create less wear and tear on the compressor, Jubilee will also have far fewer headaches when it comes to maintaining them.

And – bonus! – they can access and maintain the entire system through a digital control system, which will allow building managers to control each and every aspect of their systems online.

Ductwork as art

Jubilee’s mechanical systems upgrade also included a full reconfiguration of the ductwork, which our installers ran through the pool area to the main building. It’s a work of art to our eyes, so a big shoutout to our specialists who installed this ductwork with so much care. (And so high up!) Beautiful work, one and all!

And while we’re at it, a thumbs-up for Jones & Roberts Co. We’ve worked countless jobs with them and are proud, as always, to be working with this Olympia-based general contractor.

In addition to the work we’ve done on the lodge, we’ve had a terrific time getting to know the residents of the Jubilee community to help them maintain and upgrade their heating and air conditioning systems. We love knowing that people at Jubilee are not only comfortable at the lodge but when they’re at home, too.

Thanks to so many in Jubilee community who have trusted us to make their living and play spaces even better. If you’re interested in learning more about this and our other commercial heating and air conditioning projects, give us a shout!

Photo Courtesy One Beautiful Life Photo 

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