Owner and General Manager

Dean’s day-to-day tasks include marketing, sales management, and financial reporting. He says he’s most proud of the friendly vibe in the office, from the people on the phones to the technicians and planners. He also loves that the company is involved in supporting the arts.

Years in the South Sound Forever. (Except a stint after college. But that doesn’t count.)

Favorite local spot The Washington Center for the Performing Arts. “There’s so much cool, unique arts stuff going on in our backyard. We don’t have to go to Seattle.”

Hobby of choice Hanging out with his Boston terrier, Jack. (You may have seen Jack in some Pet Parade ads!)

Best vacation Loves traveling around the South Sound. Any chance to be around salt water, and he’s in! (Sorry, lake people.)


Owner and Service Manager

Chuck manages our dispatcher and acts as the direct supervisor for all residential and commercial service calls. He’s the one who makes sure we get back to you, and fast. His favorite part? Being able to do something tangible when someone needs help right away.

Years in the South Sound All his life.

Favorite local spot Out on the water, looking at Mt. Rainier. If they’re not in a boat, you can find his family playing on the beach up at Boston Harbor Marina.

Hobby of choice Checking out Arts Walk in downtown Olympia or working on his own house. He’s also a Sounders season ticket holder.

Best vacation Hawaii, for sure, watching his whole family run around in the sand. But he’s also a PNW kinda guy. Day hikes in the Olympics or up at Mt. Rainier, camping on the Oregon coast—it’s all good.


Owner and Commercial Project Manager

Bill oversees our commercial projects at schools, office buildings, and other commercial venues. That means he spends a lot of time with owners and architects, designing just the right system, from new builds to remodels. He’s been in this role since 1997.

Years in the South Sound His whole life.

Favorite local spot It’s a tie between the coast and the Chehalis Western Trail.

Hobby of choice DIY home projects, motorhome travels, and supporting his kids’ scouting activities.

Best vacation A hiking getaway to a national park.

Office Staff



Kelly is the first person you see when you visit our office and hers is the first voice you’ll hear when you call us up. She routes all the calls and helps with the billing to keep things flowing in the office. She’s been with us since early 2018.

Years in the South Sound She moved here when she was 12. (She’s from a military family.)

Favorite local spot Tumwater Falls Park.

Hobby of choice Movies! She studied film in college and watches 2-3 movies every week. Her must-see? Casablanca.

Best vacation Skiing in Bend in the winter. Ocean Shores in the summer.


Residential Install Coordinator

Mollie coordinates all the details when you have your system installed. She’s a scheduling, financing, and rebates whiz who spends a good deal of time answering questions and making sure our installations go right from day one. Mollie has been with the company since 2015.

Years in the South Sound Born and raised right here.

Favorite local spot Give her the great outdoors! She’s up for anything.

Hobby of choice League bowling, checking out classic car shows and an occasional ride on their Harley. She also likes to spend time with her grandkids.

Best vacation Time on the beach, preferably on the Big Island with some wine tasting, and classic cars thrown in. But she’d also take Lake Chelan or the Oregon Coast any day.

Project Management


Commercial Project Manager

Chris’s main job is to make sure that every one of his projects comes in on budget and on schedule. He works with project foremen to make sure all the details are in place and keeps everything moving along smoothly. He’s been with us since 2016.

Years in the South Sound Since about 1998. He raised his family right here.

Favorite local spot Anywhere he can get good barbecue.

Hobby of choice Chris is into vintage dirt bikes. (“I buy ‘em, ride ‘em, break’ em, fix ‘em.”) They’re his favorite way to see Mason County and the logging roads of Idaho.

Best vacation A couple of weeks on Oahu with his family is his perfect getaway.

Residential Installation


Residential Installer

Mike spends his days taking out older systems and installing new ones. As a residential installer, his favorite part of the job is meeting new people every day. Mike has been with the company since 2016.

Years in the South Sound Since 2008.

Favorite local spot He loves to walk around Capitol Lake with his wife and kids.

Hobby of choice Mike is a bow hunter with Texas roots and a landscape artist in the Bob Ross tradition.

Best vacation The whole Florida circuit. He visits family, spends time at Disney World, plays on the beach, and goes deep-sea fishing for tuna, dorado, and tarpon.


Residential Installer

Curtis is one of our assistant installers who removes old systems and installs new ones into our customers’ homes. He makes sure the truck is stocked with the right supplies and takes pride in his ability to figure out the best way to put a new system in. “When I install something, I want it to look like a rocket ship. I want it to be beautiful. I want the homeowner to be proud of it.” Curtis started with us in September 2018.

Years in the South Sound Since he was a kid.

Favorite local spot Tumwater Falls Park.

Hobby of choice Curtis loves to go to the gym. He and his girlfriend take walks together and like to go out for Pad Thai or sushi.

Best vacation Curtis would like to travel the world. Egypt. Thailand. Europe. They’re all on his


Residential Installer

Josh’s role is to disconnect and dispose of the old and install the new in our customers’ homes: heating and cooling equipment, water heaters, gas lines, ductless heat pumps--all that stuff. So he usually spends a day or two in one location, getting everything just right. Josh has been with us since January 2017.

Years in the South Sound Born and raised in Olympia and Lacey.

Favorite local spot A Japanese steakhouse or the softball field at the RAC.

Hobby of choice Taking care of the animals on his farm. (He’s got goats, chickens, cows, and turkeys. Plus guardian dogs.)

Best vacation Camping along Mill Creek gets a thumbs-up.



Service Technician

When Abe was in college in Arizona, he studied refrigeration. Then he moved back here, to his hometown. Abe is another of our service techs who specializes in residential and commercial fixes: gas equipment, boilers, furnaces, water heaters, A/C, heat pumps--you name it. He’s been with the company since 2014.

Years in the South Sound He grew up here.

Favorite local spot Tubing on the Deschutes River.

Hobby of choice Outdoorsy things with his daughter: fishing, camping, perfecting his barbecue game. He’s at his best when he’s on Lake Cushman or down in Tillamook Bay.

Best vacation Anyplace where he can feel warm sand on his feet.


Service Technician

If it heats or cools something, Chris can fix it. Chris has been with our company since 2008 and knows his way around HVAC equipment, refrigeration systems, and boilers.

Years in the South Sound Since 2016.

Favorite local spot Any place where he can hang out with his daughter, like the Hands On Children’s Museum, Point Defiance Zoo, or Northwest Trek.

Hobby of choice Outdoor anything. A true Northwesterner, Chris loves the coast and the mountains equally. Oregon Coast: yes. Mt. Rainier or St. Helens: yes, and yes again.

Best vacation He likes to stay close to home. Boating on Long Lake in Lacey is ideal.


Service Technician

Josh rescues our residential customers by fixing heating and cooling systems and making annual or semi-annual maintenance calls. Cool thing about Josh: He’s doing a commercial apprenticeship to learn how to work on larger commercial systems so he can help out our business customers, too. He’s been with the company since December of 2017.

Years in the South Sound He’s been in the area for six years but grew up just outside of Raymond. So this area is home.

Favorite local spot Josh loves to escape to his cabin at Lake Cushman with his wife and two boys whenever he can. He also gets out in the woods to hunt, fish, and hike.

Hobby of choice Josh loves hanging out with his family. He also buys and rebuilds classic cars. Currently in his garage: a Marina Blue ‘67 Chevelle.

Best vacation He’s dreaming of a passage cruise to Alaska with his family.


Service Technician

Heimana was hired as a duct cleaner (and he’s still one of our best), but he now works in all kinds of service and maintenance. He likes the technical stuff and learning about new systems. But his favorite part of the job is interacting with customers. Heimana has been with the company since 2013.

Years in the South Sound Since 2011.

Favorite local spot Home sweet home, out on the Nisqually Reach.

Hobby of choice In his spare time, Heimana creates Polynesian and Tahitian carvings, such as wall hangings, paddles, and ukeleles.

Best vacation activity Hiking in all seasons and kayaking with his kids.