North Thurston High School is getting cool. (And warm, too!)

November 15, 2019

Capital Heating and Cooling is always in the middle of a bunch of commercial projects. One that we’re especially excited about is the renovation of North Thurston High School, home of the Rams!

The school just completed Phase 2 of their extensive remodeling project, following construction on a new gymnasium, music room, office space, and classroom.

We’re so glad we were there to help with the renovation of the existing building!

We replace the entire HVAC system in the building. Fun fact: we actually replaced the systems in the same building about 10 years ago. Those systems were beginning to cost more to maintain and repair, so the district opted to replace them with more efficient equipment.

To save energy and money, they’re switching over to a new type of air conditioning system. The system they got last time was what we call direct expansion, which chills refrigerant in a cooling coil – similar to the kind we use for our residential customers.

For this upgrade, we installed six new large central air handling units on the roof.

The new system uses chilled water, which is much more efficient for large projects like this one. The unit chills water and pumps them through a network of pipes that goes throughout the entire structure.

This time, just one unit will cool the entire original building! We’re pretty excited about that because it means their ongoing operating costs will go down both because it’s efficient and because they’ll just have to maintain one system.

In addition to the system itself, we’re replacing all the ductwork air distribution systems, including rerouting portions that are affected by the remodel of classrooms and other spaces.

We’re proud that we won this contract through the public bidding process and that we get to serve students in our community by keeping them comfortable while they learn

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