No More Waiting For Hot Water!

November 11, 2022

Pretty much everyone has experienced it: You need hot water for something — cooking, cleaning, a warm shower — but you have to wait for cold water that’s been standing in the pipes to run out. 

While you’re standing there with your hand beneath the faucet, waiting for it to warm up, you’re wasting time and water.

Did you know there’s a solution? Travis, the head of our plumbing team, recommends a hot water recirculating pump to keep all that water from going down the drain unused and to help you get going with whatever you need to do.

What is a hot water recirculating pump?

It’s a system that can bring hot water to faucets that are far from your hot water heater — instantly. It works by keeping hot water circulating through the pipes so you don’t have to wait for all that cold water to run out.

These systems can (and usually do) operate on a timer to keep the water hot and give you access whenever you need it without running 24/7. If you set the timer for the pump to run when you typically clean, cook, and bathe — say, for several hours in the morning and again in the evening — you’ll have instant hot water exactly when you need it most.

What are the benefits of a recirculation pump?

You waste less water. 

Water that goes down the drain as you’re waiting for hot water is wasted. You could collect all that water and save it for your next round of pasta or drag it outside to water the plants. Or you could install this system and never feel guilty about waiting for heated water again.

Wasting less is better for the environment, too. If all of us were able to use hot water right away, who knows how many billions of gallons we could save?

You waste less money. 

When you use less, you save more. Simple math.

You waste less time.

It’s pretty dang satisfying to turn on the tap and get instant hot water. Not having to wait is convenient — and a little thrilling!

Get hot water right away — without hassles.

Travis Justice, our head plumber, says the comfort recirculating pumps we install don’t require us to tear into walls in order to get hot water to the furthest faucets. They also don’t make you wait for cold water, an issue that can happen with certain types of recirculators. These systems shut down when water in the pipes reaches a certain temperature so the cold water side of the system doesn’t fill up with hot water. 

Does a recirculation pump cost the moon?

It’s more affordable than you might think! 

Get in touch with one of our experts and we’ll talk you through the system and, if you like, send you an estimate.

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