Need To Replace Your Furnace? Consider Adding Air Conditioning, Too

October 15, 2022

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A whole bunch of factors play into your decision to replace your heating system, your cooling system, or both. Especially right now. 

You’re considering the age and efficiency of your system

You’re researching the cost, including the potential tax break you’ll get on a new system through the Inflation Reduction Act

You’re thinking about supply chain disruptions.

You are, after recent heat waves and smoky conditions, thinking about changes in the climate and how you can keep your home comfortable even during unexpected or extreme weather.

Add or upgrade your cooling system now

All things considered, we recommend adding or upgrading your air conditioning system if you’re already replacing your furnace this fall or winter.

Here’s why:

  • Ordering now will help ensure that you have a cooling system in place by next summer. Supply chain disruptions continue to add a who knows? factor to equipment orders. We stock as many units as we can, but some equipment simply takes longer to arrive—and we can’t always predict which equipment will be delayed and which can be whisked to us in a hurry. We expect these sorts of equipment uncertainties and delays for at least another year.

  • You’ll save money on installation by putting in both systems at once. If you put in the furnace now and a cooling system later, you could be paying twice for a portion of the installation. If you’ll need a cooling system anyway in the next six months to a year, get them both done at the same time.
  • When your systems are matched, they’re more efficient, more effective, and less likely to break down. If you have an older furnace and a newer cooling system, or vice versa, components can get stressed, compromising performance. Efficient paired systems will save you money on your energy bills, control humidity, heat and cool rooms more consistently, and operate more quietly. 

Find out more about Capital’s residential heating and cooling systems here.

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