June 4, 2021

Happy National HVAC Tech Day!

Every June, our industry celebrates the expertise of HVAC technicians and their role in keeping our homes, offices, restaurants, schools, museums, gyms, and other indoor spaces comfortable and functional.

So first things first: Thank you to the residential and commercial technicians at Capital Heating & Cooling! You keep things humming all over the South Sound, year-round. We couldn’t do this without you. And our customers also couldn’t do their jobs or live in comfort without your experience and the work you put in every day.

HVAC technicians are, without question, the most important factor, when it comes to keeping your spaces comfortable and your heating and cooling bills manageable. When your system is working, you’re comfortable. When your system is working, your bills stay consistent.

And your system is only working if it’s installed and serviced properly. Hats off to these folks. This is what they do, and do well, every day.

Here are some more reasons we’re grateful for our HVAC technicians:

They’re experts who know what they’re doing.

When a technician comes to your home or place of work, they’re bringing the equivalent of a master’s- or even doctoral-level of knowledge with them. No one can learn this industry overnight. Their expertise has been learned and earned over years, or even decades.

They put in (lots of) continuing education hours.

It takes a lot of training to keep up on installation methods, testing, diagnostics, electronic communications, new systems, and new technology. This industry is always changing. New systems are incredibly efficient. And greater efficiency equals more sophistication. Today’s HVAC technician needs ongoing, specialized training to keep up. And they do!

They listen to your questions—and have the answers.

We pride ourselves in employing technicians who not only assess your needs but who listen to your concerns.

When they come out to your house or business to talk about the condition of your system and how it’s operating, feel free to ask them as many questions as you can think of. It’s their job to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

When they come to consult with you, it’s your chance to gain access to their knowledge, so work up a list of questions and ask away!


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