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There’s a furnace for everyone.

But if you’re researching options, it can feel like one confusing rabbit hole. We can help you untangle all the information out there.

We specialize in furnace selection and can help you determine the type, size, and cost of a system that will heat your home in a way that’s the most efficient and affordable for you.

80, 90, 95…? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

Many of today’s modern furnaces are categorized by the percentage of total fuel that’s converted to actual heat for your home.

For instance, an 80 system converts 80% of the fuel you pay for into usable heat. A 90 system converts 90%, and so on.

We offer 80, 90, and 95 systems to our customers.

Each system is further categorized as either single-stage or two-stage.

Single-stage is a simple on-off system. It will operate at 100% when heating then shut off completely when it reaches the temperature you’ve set on your control panel. It won’t come back on again for awhile—that’s when you start to feel a chill.

Multi-stage means the system has the ability to operate at two different levels depending on what the system detects. For instance, a system can operate at 100% capacity or at 60%. In essence, it becomes a smaller furnace whenever you need less heat. (Such as when you’re out of town or when the weather is mild.)


Get reliable, efficient heat when you need it with a natural gas furnace from Trane. Built to last, our gas furnaces are the choice for the majority of modern homes with central heating and air conditioning. Whether you are looking for a variable-speed gas furnace, single- or two-stage heating, we have you covered. Our selection of gas furnaces are guaranteed to keep your home warmer, your bills lower, and those winter months a little more enjoyable.

"Why Trane?"


A modulating gas furnace uses new technology that saves you even more by operating at many different levels throughout the day.

Instead of a simple on-off mechanism, a modulating furnace makes many smaller adjustments to keep your home within 1 degree of the setting on your thermostat. It does this with a modulating gas valve and a blower that operates between 35% and 100% of capacity.


We can help you figure that out!

Call us to schedule a home visit with one of our experienced consultants so we can see your space and talk with you about the best choice for your lifestyle and budget.

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