Custom Sheet Metal Projects: What’s The Process?

February 3, 2023

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Recently, we talked with Ian Peyton, who oversees the fabrication of all of our custom sheet metal projects, and asked him about what to expect during the process of planning a project with our sheet metal team. 

What kinds of custom sheet metal projects can we make?

Pretty much anything you can imagine!

Our sheet metal shop makes a lot of custom chimney caps, which can be made with anything from basic steel to stainless steel to copper. We also craft custom range hoods, stainless steel countertops, backsplashes, and other kitchen surfaces. 

But our expertise isn’t limited to these sorts of projects. We can make pretty much anything you can dream up, including handrails, flashing, antique car parts, decorative roofing, and much more. 

I have my project idea. What happens next?

First, a member of the team will talk with you about your project. If you’ve seen images of similar projects, bring them along or send in links so the team can take a look. We’ll find out what you want it to look like, what material/s you’d like it to be made of, what the dimensions are, and what its function will be.

Once we have a good idea about what you’re envisioning, we’ll draw up a design and talk with you about any limitations your project might present. Once you approve the design, we assign you a spot on our calendar and give you an estimated date of completion based on our workload, availability of materials, and the complexity of your project. 

Times are subject to change but we do the best we can to get all of our custom work done as soon as possible. 

What happens when the project is ready?

Once your project is complete, the team will let you know it’s ready. If you plan to pick up and install the piece yourself, we’ll set up a time with you for pickup. 

Otherwise, we’ll set up a time to deliver and install your project or arrange a time with your contractor for pickup. 

Are there any limitations?

For custom sheet metal projects, our equipment only limits us in two specific ways. 

First, if the length of your project exceeds 10 feet, we’ll need to fabricate it out of more than one piece of metal and weld it together. The welding seam will be visible, which is standard for chimney caps, industrial stainless countertops, and other common projects. But if you desire a seamless look for, say, an art piece, we may need to talk about other options.  

Second, our equipment may limit our ability to match the curvatures of old wrought iron furniture or similar designs. 

That said, we are excellent craftsmen and dedicate ourselves to finding solutions. Please reach out, even if you feel like you have a complicated project.

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