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April 14, 2022

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Did you know that your smart thermostat can save you money and energy over time and act as a hub for automating your entire home? 

Trane Home’s smart thermostats do much more than keep your home at a consistent temperature. They allow you to set your thermostat from any device and track your energy use. 

But they also make your systems more efficient and reliable over time. That’s because they monitor the operations of your heating system, such as run times and recovery times, allowing Trane to make systemic changes and issue updates that help your unit run more smoothly.

In fact, Trane does more than update your system based on your usage and habits. They gather data from other systems in your area and use this information to fine tune their systems, basing changes on overall trends and findings. This continual improvement makes your system more efficient over time through periodic, automatic software updates that immediately improve all customer systems. We love this new technology: it’s an ongoing project to discover better ways to heat your home.

A smart thermostat can also alert your service dealer if it senses a problem. (Eventually, Trane systems will even be able to tell your service provider, before they even arrive, what part they will need to fix your system!) This means fewer service calls, saving you and your provider time and money.

And, like we said at the top, once you have a smart thermostat, it can act as a hub to control other parts of your home digitally, such as house and landscape lighting, garage doors, door locks, home cameras, and other devices. Welcome to the future!

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