Commercial Project Highlight: Views on Fifth

December 15, 2019

Commercial Project Highlight: Views on Fifth

At Capital Heating and Cooling, we’re excited to be a contractor for the Views on Fifth project, helping bring this building in downtown Olympia back to life.

The project includes construction of two new buildings and renovation of the existing tower. All together, the new and renovated buildings will contain about 140 one- and two-bedroom residences – including live/work studio apartments – and ground-floor retail and restaurant spaces.

And of course, every apartment will have an amazing view of Budd Inlet and the Olympics. It’s going to be an awesome place to live and visit!

We’re installing heating and cooling to all the buildings. For individual residences, we’re installing variable flow heat pump systems that use a refrigerant for both heating and cooling. These systems move heat instead of producing it, making them a super efficient way to keep spaces comfortable.

Another cool thing? The tower will feature an automated parking structure that uses a lift system to bring cars to their owners – it’s a car elevator! According to the plans for the project by Thomas Architectural Studios, it’s a way to reduce the parking footprint and make every bit of space count. They call it “a showcase project for Olympia and the Pacific Northwest.” We can’t wait to see that in action.

Overall, we’re excited for this project because it’s going to encourage people to live and work in our beautiful downtown. And we can’t wait to see what kind of retail and restaurants go in so we can check them out and enjoy the views, too!

Photo by : One Beautiful Life.

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