Commercial Project Highlight: Komachin Middle School

One recent project of the North Thurston School District is a modernization of Komachin Middle School. According to the district website, the project continued through the summer and includes improvements to the building: “two new entrances, administration, library, SPED, Art, Music, Commons, and a new kitchen.” The complete remodel will include a new roof, new sheetrock — new everything! This project is slated to go through the spring of 2023.

Capital is upgrading all of the heating and cooling systems with more energy efficient solutions. We’re putting in a hydronic system, a standard modern-day system for a commercial building. 

This kind of technology uses the power of heated or chilled water — instead of forced air — to heat or cool a space. It’s a step up in efficiency from older systems that many aging buildings, such as schools, have relied on in the past. At Komachin, we will also replace the ductwork.

Chris Seversike is leading the project and says that it’s taken a team of between two and six workers to the school to work on portions of the project. Because it’s such a big project (modernizing the entire school), renovations are happening over a period of about 18 months.

We feel good knowing that when it’s done, the more than 700 middle school students as well as the teachers and staff in our community will have a clean, safe, and brand new space to study and learn.

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