Commercial Project Highlight: Heating and Cooling an Alternative High School

April 12, 2020

Challenger High School has been operating for roughly half a century without a permanent brick-and-mortar location. They’ve gone from classes led in student homes to a retrofitted bus to a collection of 1980s-era portables.

In August of 2019, construction of the school’s first building for the alternative public high school’s 250+ students finally began. According to the News Tribune, the $41 million project will provide the school with new classrooms and common areas for students and staff. The school celebrated the completion of Phase I on January 8 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

We’re proud that we won the competitive bid for this project and grateful to play a role in the construction of this 9,000 square-foot building. School projects are special to us because we know that students in particular benefit from our work. And, of course, we always welcome the opportunity to work with school districts in our region.

We installed a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat pump system into their new building to keep everyone inside comfortable. These systems are popular because they’re an economical, efficient way to both heat and cool a space using one system that doesn’t burn fossil fuels and uses less energy than a gas furnace system.

We wish the Challenger staff, students, and parents the best as they navigate the current crisis and can’t wait for the day when we hear that they’re learning in their new building again and preparing for even more construction and growth in the future.


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