Commercial Project Highlight: Harlequin Productions

January 15, 2022

Image Credit to Shanna Paxton Photography for Harlequin Productions.

In downtown Olympia, we’re making sure that when people attend a live show on the Harlequin Productions stage, they hear the performers, not the whirr of the heating and cooling system. 

As part of a special renovation project, we’re helping transform the historic State Theater—Harlequin’s home since 1997—from a retrofitted movie theater to a space specifically designed for live performances.

What a treat! As patrons of the arts, we’re pretty excited. 

Bill Schmidtke, co-owner and head of our commercial division, says our crew installed new packed heating and cooling units to serve both the stage and the auditorium. We upgraded their units to provide high-efficiency cooling that’s 40% more efficient than their previous systems. 

The units also provide variable-speed fan control to minimize noise and provide on-demand ventilation control to introduce sufficient fresh air based upon occupant load, an important component in light of the pandemic. 

For further sound control, we set the new units on spring-isolated rails to separate them from the building structure and used sound attenuators to stop sound from the HVAC unit from traveling down the ductwork and into the auditorium space.

Pretty fancy, huh? We love projects like this because it gives us an opportunity to solve problems with our clients and use just the right technology for the space and its intended use.

We hope you enjoy your next show at this iconic Olympia production company, without the distraction of the HVAC system. 

For tickets and more information on Harlequin Productions, visit their website.

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