Air Conditioning: More than just cold air

August 7, 2019

Air conditioning systems don’t just blow cold air into a space. If they did, the minute the blower turned off, the air would start to feel sticky again. And our human tendency would be to keep turning down the thermostat to try and find some relief.

Air conditioners condition the air – regulate humidity – to keep the moisture of the indoor space at a tolerable level so you’re comfortable.

Even more than cool air, humidity is the major factor to control if you want to keep your home feeling comfortable in hot or muggy weather.

Humidity feels uncomfortable when it’s hot outside because there’s so much moisture in the air that the perspiration on our skin has nowhere to go. In some cases, exposure to hot, humid conditions can even lead to overheating and illness.

When the humidity is at a comfortable level, you can simply do your tasks or relax without thinking about the air around you.And low humidity can lead to better air quality because drier air is less prone to microbial growth. Another win for A/C!

How does air conditioning work?

An air conditioning unit removes water from the air using an evaporator coil. When warm air hits the cold coil, water condenses on it, drips into a drain, and flows out of the house. So the unit literally makes the air less damp, which is more pleasant for everyone.

Whoever thought this up is brilliant.

But in the Pacific Northwest, we only have a few hot days a year!

Our air conditioning customers have actually reported something surprising to us: they use the systems throughout the spring, summer, and early fall.

It’s not because it’s blazing hot outside for half the year – we all know that the Pacific Northwest has pretty mild weather overall. It’s because their homes feel more comfortable when the humidity levels are constant. They find that it’s much more effective than opening a window when the air is a little damp. Which is, of course, pretty often around here!

Which air conditioning unit is right for my space?

Humidity control is the reason you don’t need a bigger air conditioning unit to stay cool on hot days. When you’re replacing your system or installing a new one, remember that bigger isn’t necessarily better. A properly sized unit for your home will efficiently and effectively cool the space through cool air delivery and humidity control. It’s not a matter of creating enough air. It’s a matter of creating the right conditions.

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